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Download TikTok Videos Without Watermark for Free

SSSTIK is a one-of-a-kind tool that allows you to download TikTok (formerly known as Musically) videos without the logo online, completely free of charge. You can save TikTok videos in the MP4 file format with high-definition (HD) resolution for the best quality. To learn how to use the TikTok video downloader without a watermark, simply follow the instructions below. It's a straightforward process, and you can download TikTok videos without a watermark in just three easy steps.

How to download TikTok videos?

  • Find the TikTok video

    Copy the URL of the TikTok video. Open the TT app and Tap on the "Share" button, which is located on top of the video and looks like an arrow. Select "Copy link" from the sharing options.

    Find the TikTok video
  • Paste the TikTok video URL

    Paste the URL into the downloader on our website. Paste the copied link in the text field provided on the page of TiTok downloader.

    Paste the TikTok video URL
  • Download

    Press download button. Tap on the "Save" button to download the TikTok video without the watermark in the mp4 file on your device.


Fast and User-friendly TikTok Video Downloader:

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    No watermarks and High quality saved video from TikTok.

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    Fast download TikTok videos speeds and Free use.

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    Available on Android and iPhone devices.

Download TikTok video on your mobile phone, iPhone, or iPad (iOS)

If you own an iPhone or iPad, you can download TikTok videos for free using a TikTok downloader app on your Apple device. IOS users with version 12 or higher cannot save TikTok videos directly from the browser due to Apple's security policy. To save TikTok videos or remove the TikTok watermark on Android phones and Mac OS, launch the TikTok Downloader in the web browser, and select the video you want to download from TikTok. Once the browser is open, go to a TikTok video downloader without a watermark, paste the copied link in the text field, and hit the "Download" button to obtain the video file in MP4 format without the logo. The file will be saved on your device without the TikTok logo.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • TikTok Downloader supports all popular video formats including MP4 and MP3.

  • No, there are no restrictions on the number of videos you can download using TikTok Downloader. You can download as many TikTok videos as you want, for free.

  • TikTok Downloader is the best tool for downloading TikTok videos because it is fast, user-friendly, and supports high-quality video downloads. Our app allows you to easily remove watermarks from TikTok videos and download them in a few simple steps. Additionally, TikTok Downloader is available for both Android and iPhone devices, making it accessible to everyone.

  • Yes, it is safe to download TikTok videos from our site. We take user privacy and security seriously and ensure that our downloader is free of any malicious software.

  • No.

  • Our TikTok downloader is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices. Additionally, it can be used on desktop computers and laptops running Windows or Mac operating systems.