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Discover a convenient way to convert Tik Tok videos to mp3 and download them without a watermark or TikTok logo. Our TikTok to mp3 online converter offers a straightforward solution to save unlimited music files on your device for offline use. It works on any desktop, phone, or tablet and it’s compatible with popular operating systems. Just access this TT mp3 downloader online from any browser and start creating music for free.

How to Convert TikTok to MP3?

  • 1

    On TikTok, find the target video post. Hit the share button and you’ll see possible actions. Click “copy link”.

  • 2

    Open this tool on your browser to see a text bar. Insert the URL.

  • 3

    The tool extracts the video in several format options. Select MP3.

TikTok MP3 downloader features

  • Easy, quick downloads without software installation or account registration.

  • Download TikTok audio to save, edit or share conveniently.

  • Compress long or short mp4 into audios of high quality.

How to get the TikTok audio download link?

Getting the TikTok audio download link is painless. Simply visit the social media site from any browser or open the TikTok mobile application from your phone, or tablet. Press the video post you are interested in. Click the share button to reveal possible actions. Select “copy link.” That’s it! You can now paste the link to our open TT to MP3 download tool to start converting. On the result page, pick an mp3 file of your desired size.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • There’s no limit to the number of downloads you can perform. This tiktok sound downloader is the best way to create as many music files as you wish. Keep them in your device for use even without the internet. Or share them with friends and family online or offline.

  • Grab sounds from other Tiktok users privately by following the steps above. Conversion takes a few seconds and you obtain a music file of the best quality. Just choose an original video with good resolution and trust this tool to do the rest. You’ll remain anonymous throughout the conversion.

  • Not at all. We’ve made this software free for any number of downloads. We don’t even require you to install any software or register an account before downloading. You’ll see ads on the app and that’s the support we rely on to keep this robust tool serving you for free.

  • Open your TikTok app and play the specific video you want to convert. Grab the URL of the post from the address bar. Access this app on your browser and choose the Tiktok to mp3 downloader. Place the link you copied on the open text box and follow prompts.

  • Yes, this tool is the perfect choice to remove watermarks from TikTok videos. Use it to copy content from other users on the social media site anonymously. Save it in a format that you can share on any other online platform without the fear of copyright infringement.

  • Yes, it’s easy to download songs one at a time and save them on your desktop for use when offline. Open TikTok and find the link to the video of interest. Insert the link on this tool and tap to compress it at 128kbps, 258kpbs, 320kbps, or any other size.